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Rat Patrol: The Raid on Pravoe mission updated with variable difficulty for 1-4 players and ai tweaking


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I spent today reworking my first RP mission.  First I had to rename it as every RP episode had the word "Raid" in the title and who am I to change tradition.

Then inspired by Zed's theme music I created 60's themed opening credits (perhaps I should add credits to all missions???)

I added a new variable routine to the random vehicle type convoy spawner that increases the likely hood of a light armored vehicle being spawned in direct relation to the number of players.

I then added some AI routines (secret squirrel stuff) to make them react better when the convoy is attacked, although it is still lacking a lot of intelligence as compared to what the flying AI can do.

Then again the light armored vehicles (BA40's) only need to get one good hit to take you out.


UPDATED  9/10 8:30 PM

RP Raid on Pravoe.zip


Overall I am happy with the results of this mission.

As always beware vehicle explosion blast (at least 30 meters) and keep one eye on the sky at all times.



If you want in on the Rat Patrol team and be in the credits I need a German nickname for you, 

So far I have:

Zed is "Herr Kapitan"

Cephas is "Der Kannonier"

Duck is "Der Rekrut"

Zeus is "Die Jaghund"


Saturday's at 7PM PST only on ABC.

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