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WWNatops' Memorial


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Tonight the Wing Walkers and friends from JG1 joined together in a Memorial Ceremony in honor of Jerry "WWNatops" Spruiel. 

While we are deeply saddened by the passing of Jerry, we celebrate a remembrance of his life with, and his contributions to, the Wing Walkers. He was an exuberant simulation pilot, and loved to talk about aircraft (just listen to our squadron's tune "Friendly Voices" and pay attention to the 2:05 -2:35 time segment to hear Natops talking about the Sopwith Dolphin, and Spardog talking about a maneuver Natops made.) 

(( Thank you once again to @WWTharn for the musical salute to the Wing Walkers. ))

Additional, continual, thanks to the members of JG1 for joining in our memorial to WWNatops. Of all the virtual squadrons on the 'net, JG1 has been the most constant and consistent friend and foe for members of the Wing Walkers. That our friendship and adversarial status has endured for nearly three decades is worth celebrating. That JG1 members make themselves available at a moment's notice for our Memorial events, endears them ever more. But I will still take pleasure in popping a wing off Butzel's D7 or helping Vonrd belly-land his 109 ... 😄 (didn't think you guys would get away Scott free, did ya??)

So while the sun sets over Jerry's formal Mustang, The Wing Walkers fondly remember him, and our time together. We are sad to see you go... 

Once and Always, Jerry.


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Great sentiment Sandy.  I want to put a special thanks to all the squad members who put this together.   Sandy, Craven, Griphos, Zed for being in the memorial flight.  Duck for pushing the buttons behind the scenes.  Diz for stepping in as MC.  All of you stepped this up to another level to get this done and it is greatly appreciated. 

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Thank you all Wing Walkers for inviting us to pay our respects to WWNatops. A truly moving presentation. Thank you for the kind words Sandy! When one of our's takes the last flight (hopefully far in the future) we know that you will be there for us as well. (and I'd be more than willing to help you belly land as well 😱 🤣).

I saw that many of you were recording so I haven't sent my recording but will gladly do so if you wish.

The following is from Moxy (JG1 Schulte):

Hey Von

Could you do me a favor, cant log into WingersWarkers forum

Could you post the link above to them, its mega wide FOV pics of the service





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Appreciate the kind words, Vonrd.

Oh wow, those are some great ultra-wide images, thanks! I'll get those posted to a gallery asap (may have to convert to .png to reduce file-size a bit, our host and forum software don't appreciate 20mb images very much.)


I'll check JG1_Schulte/Moxy's account here, can resend an account activation or password reset if that's what he needs. 

Update: No account found here for Schulte and/or Moxy. If he had an account at one time it may have been pruned or otherwise removed for inactivity at some time (though we have JG1 members going back a long time still showing, so I don't know what happened to Schulte's account) . If he has saved login info, have him delete it. He'll have to create a new account if/when he would like to pop in for a visit. @II./JG1_Vonrd 

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S! Natops.......

Jerry joined not too long after I did- I remember our first flight- me being very green and WingWalkers decided to make it a night flight...

well.  after about 15 minutes into our formation I heard someone call out bandits... I saddled up behind...(natops) and started firing....

he yelled out bandit on my tail...... i was looking around because I was going to break off and assist...

after i took a few more squirts I realized me error.....

He didnt get mad afterwards-- He chuckled about it and made a really down home comment....

That was WWNatops.

He will be missed.

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