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WWCephas GB Mission group file repository


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I thought I would make a single post thread that contains my go to Mission Editor groups that make mission building so much easier by just dragging and dropping a file in.  

If you ever get the itch to start making your own missions this will make it much easier to get started, and most are easy to tweak to change nationalities, waypoint alt & loc., etc.

Also if anyone wants help with a custom Mission Editor group creation they thought of let me know.

(DISCLAIMER- These have all been game tested but there is no guarantee there are not small errors that need fixing from time to time.  I will update them as the bugs crop up)

To keep this thread organized please do not post on this thread, send me a Private Message or start a new thread about a question or request.  THANKS!



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This is one of my go to favorites for adding enemy fighter cover. 


This .grp file creates a flight of 1-4 fighters that will fly in one of 2 triangular patrol patterns in either direction.

It is somewhat complex but only requires a single input to activate after dropping and placing where desired on the map.

This also features RANDOM AI SKILL LEVEL for the fighters (the Lead is always an Ace), as well as ENHANCED AI RETREAT routines.  (Retreat triggers = Bingo, Winchester, high damage, pilot wounded)

The fighters all air start immediately after the required time delay after the first player spawns (7 min), and begin their patrol.

They will attack any air enemy within visual distance.

If a retreat is triggered they will individually head for the escape waypoint (where they de-spawn) at high speed if they can break engagement.

When the entire squadron has retreated or been killed a new squadron will generate after a random delay. 


This .grp file requires an "On Spawn" input from the players airfield to begin activation, there is another input for deactivation if desired.

Select the entire group and move it over the area of the map you desire to patrol.  The patrol currently looks like a 2ix pointed star of waypoints.

Drag and drop around selected waypoint locations to grab all the waypoints at that location and move them as desired.

Change altitude of spawn location and patrol waypoints as needed.


To change the altitude of waypoints you will need to zoom way in as each will appear as a single WP unless zoomed in.  Also be sure to leave a 50m stagger in altitude between planes in each WP grouping. (2000, 2050,2100,2200)

Each plane is a single entity and they are not targeted to the Lead, but they still fly formation very well.  This enables each plane to have its won separate AI functions.

The file as shared is for a FW190 A5 flight patrolling at 1K meters.  To change plane type and nationality you only need to select the 4 planes and modify their attributes.

This patrol as built will sweep a roughly 50Km diameter circular area leaving no gaps in patrol detection within that area.

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Here is another one of my favorites.  This file is a bit more complex to place on the map but adds a lot of functionality and realism to a mission.


Variable strength fighters that spawn in when an enemy is detected within range.  Their is a random delay  in the reaction time giving the attacker a chance of catching them on the ground.

Variable difficulty scoring for base suppression.

The fighters are random experience (Less the flight lead Ace), and if the enemy is already overhead when respawning they will skip the random start delay.   (Emergency scramble)

Once airborne the fighters will engage any enemy within visual sight or patrol for 15 minutes in the vicinity of the base before heading to the de-spawn waypoint.

The fighters have ENHANCED AI ROUTINES and will try to break and escape if triggered.  The fighters will de-spawn if they manage to escape.

There is a separate function for a single fighter that taxis from a random hangar to take off and join the fight to put more life on the field.  (the large group does not taxi due to server load)

The airbase will become SUPPRESSED if a variable number of planes are killed in the air and on the ground.  When suppressed all scrambling aircraft will no longer spawn.  AAA will still function though.

The airbase will become DESTROYED if it is leveled and all AA is eliminated, it will pose no threat.  (Adding a base capture routine for paratroopers would be easy)

Map icons update as base status changes.


Place the .grp over an existing airbase on the map.  Try to place the Airbase spawn item directly over the center of the map icon in map view.

Move and rotate as necessary the group of 4 scramble fighters to the main runway.

Set the takeoff WP just past the end of the runway.  (rotate all 4 WP together as necessary to lineup with scramble fighters)

Place ground static airplanes in revetments or near hangars as desired.  Place trucks near fuel tanks or small buildings.

Place the mobile AA vehicles where they can drive back and forth between waypoints without hitting objects.

Highlight and select each AAA emplacement and place at the corners of the field where appropriate.

Provide a link from the Player spawn airfield(s) to the "On Spawn" input link.

To make the Taxiing scramble plane work correctly requires a little more work:

1.  Set the Airfield Entity heading to match the main runway of the map airfield.

2. Select "Edit Chart" on the airfield properties.  Adjust the taxi and runway waypoints as necessary to match the current field layout.

3. Place the three hangars with 3 planes in them in an appropriate place on the field near the initial taxi waypoint set above.

4.  The first taxi way point should be directly in front of the middle hangar and about 100 yds. ahead of it.

5.  It may require some trial and error to make all 3 hangars spawn and taxi correctly.  You can just delete the outer two hangars and delete the random spawn circuit so it only spawns from one hangar if it causes too many problems.


If you try to change nationality be sure to change the checkzone detection inputs as well and all the static items.

There is a checkzone for enemy detection.  It is currently timed for the random delays and is set to 16000 meters.  Some planes start slower than others and may require tweaking for reaction times.

There is a separate checkzone for the taxi scramble fighter set to 4k meters to be sure the enemy is actually coming close to the airfield before starting.

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G4 Fighter Wall.zip

This is a simple routine I just thought up that creates a wall of fighters to discourage enemy from chasing a fleeing enemy or to enforce area denial.


4 Fighters that will spawn on start and fly to a location and take up a tight patrol cover about 20km wide.

Fighters will take turns flying back for refuel (despawn/respawn) so there will always be at least 3 on station.

Fighters have random AI experience less the Lead (Ace), there are ENHANCED AI routines, but it is not tied to experience at this time.

The fighters will try to remain on station and should not chase players too far if they attempts to run.


Import onto map and drag and drop entire group where desired.

Place the scramble fighters on a nearby airfield ensuring the planes are lined up with the runway.

Set the 1st waypoint and attack areas where needed to block access.


Currently set to start when the map starts.

Very easy to convert planes and nationality.

The planes are currently set to End WP and despawn halfway back to base to save time.

Convert the planes to air start if your mission is heavy on resources.

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Axis Large Factory Variable Difficulty

Axis Large Factory Variable Difficulty.zip

This file is an easy way to add objectives to a map and scales in difficulty well.  It can also be converted for a myriad of other uses.


Variable difficulty dependent on the number of players

AAA built in

Auto updating map icons.

Can easily be converted to a refinery or other facility by changing building entities.


Import onto map and drag and drop entire group where desired.

It can be placed in an open field but looks better in a city setting.  Delete existing city building entities and arrange this factory as desired in that location.

Place AAA and mobile AA vehicles where appropriate.

Provide a link from the Player spawn airfield(s) to the "On Spawn" input link.


Switching nationality is relatively easy, but be sure to change the buildings as well.  Defensive emplacements around guns are "Neutral" and do not need to be changed.

The Factory icon disappears when fully destroyed, but it generated a "Factory Destroyed" text message in game.

The factories are modular so you can remove them and the associated controlling MCU links for that factory block or copy and paste and add more, but be sure to update the destroyed counters to match the new values.

If you change a building entity be sure it has at least 6 buildings that can be destroyed,  The variable difficulty changes the number of the counted kills in a factory block before triggering a "Command Damage" for the entire block and then count that block as killed for overall destruction scoring.

This example is made up of 12 blocks.

There are smoke stack effects located on the blocks that have stacks, these will turn off when damaged.

If you change buildings you may want to adjust the damage value in that buildings property.  (Anything over 2000 damage and 20mm cannons can hardly hurt it)

A factory block might actually have a possibility of 6-40 kill messages generated for full destruction,  This routine eliminates that variance and gives a single output for the whole block.

This routine also helps eliminate concurrent destruction not being counted, although that is still a possibility, so it is best to keep your "Fully Destroyed" kill counter set to 70-80% of the total number of blocks as insurance.

At that level of destruction it looks pretty well destroyed and in real life it would be technically destroyed as well and unable to produce anything.

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Random AI Ground Attack

Random AI Ground Attack.zip

This file is for adding an attack plane group for AI that will hit random targets.  The unit will respawn infinitely and the targets will regenerate as well.  This works well for adding atmosphere to missions with a low server overhead.

Alternately this can be easily modded into an enemy objective that can be shut off after reaching a certain number of intercept/kills.


2 Attack aircraft (2 PE-2s in this instance)

3 random attack locations with targets that respawn every 7 minutes

Random time delay between flights.

Fixed low AI (for tail gunners) but with ENHANCED AI RETREAT routines.

Standalone installation requiring no external inputs and auto starting and respawning.


Import onto map and drag and drop entire group where desired.

Highlight target groups and move over likely locations then hand pick each target vehicle where you want it on the map.

Move the airplanes to where you want to them to spawn and make sure they are headed in a direction roughly in the middle of the three different target locations.

Move the END WAYPOINTS together as a group to where you want them to retreat to.  Generally just behind where they air spawned is good.

Ensure plane type, nationality and loadouts are what you want them to be.  (Don't forget the targets too, they can be any vehicle or enemy nation as well)


There is a input link to shut off the respawn if you have an external trigger you want to link to it.

You can change the bombers to a fighter with a big gun like a Yak9T (do not install bombs if you want it to use the gun only or you will need to remove the "On Bingo Bombs" output link on both planes or else the planes will retreat after dropping bombs without using their guns)

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Ottokar's War Mission selection and scoring routines.


Mission selection Grp.  This file uses planes inside of Airfield objects as selection buttons to trigger different mission selections.  Each plane has a key name that triggers the mission when it spawns near the Complex trigger associated with that name.  There is a mission behaviour linked to the bases to trigger as second selection of available plane/missions if you want to retire previously played missions.  Each base is deactivated after a mission is chosen and the mission enable the new base.  All actual mission bases for gameplay need a Mission Begin/Deactivate link so they do not appear before the chosen mission is selected.


Scoring Grp - This one works like a tree from top to bottom.  The initial activation comes when any mission is selected.  This starts a timer of 60 minutes.  There are various gates and switches down the tree to work out who is the victor.  The Primary objective inputs from either team trigger a 5 minute waiting period to see if the other team complete their obj.  If both teams score the Primary  (or not) it will chekc the Secondary objective to see if that determines the winner.  The Secondary input works differently than the Primary.  The Primary is just a direct input from each mission when the goal is reached.  The Secondary is a pules/response.  When the timer indicates it is time to check if the Secondary Objective is needed it will send out a pulse to each mission.  If that missions Secondary flag timer has been activated the pulse will return to the Secondary input of the scoring tree.  The routine then waits 10 seconds to verify that the pulse has returned or not and returns a winner or tie result.


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Repost from another thread to correct repository thread.

This is one I have been thinking about doing for a while but now that I am making HtH missions it (or variations of this) may come in handy in many situations, like comparing number of kills.

This routine checks counts two separate inputs and then when triggered to give a final result one both inputs it checks to see if they match or if the 2nd result is at least >50% of the 1st result.

The application in this case is checking to see whether >50% of bombers return from a mission.

The bombers are all tagged with a keyword that a Complex trigger records how many depart 10km (eliminates respawn and airfield accident counting errors).

When any damage is recoded from the target it shuts off the 1st complex trigger and processes the final 1st Number by only activating that corresponding number trigger.

At the same time it initializes a new Complex trigger set to record the number of planes that are Stationary, Alive, and Finish the Mission (Go to Main Map) at the home airfield.

In the scenario when the mission's Secondary Objective completion check pulse is used to processes the final 2nd Count. 

The 1st and 2nd count both sent an input to a Final Check 2 Counter, which if it received both it sends the pulse out to show it matches.

To set it to >50% instead of an exact match the 2nd Count sends multiple pulses out to not just #4 Final Counter but also to #5,6,7,8 (8 is max) as 4 is at least >50% of all those numbers.

Comparator Circuit.zip


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This looks like string art from back in the day, when you nailed brad nails into a piece of plywood and wrapped coloured string around it.  I was never any good at that either.

I'm SURE glad we have someone who actually understands this, 'cos it certainly ain't me

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Dynamic Variable AI Strength/Difficulty checker

Updated 1/20/22 with the latest improvements including single channel output (1 out line to connect to arget grpps instead of 4



This grp file monitors how many players join with a OnSpawn link from player Airfields.

All planes need to have a name assigned to them that a Complex Trigger can recognize unless there are no AI planes then the triggers can just be set to Planes/Country

The .grp monitors planes that leave the mission with an OnFinished link from a Complex trigger.  This trigger needs to be set for a huge area.  I have done 50Km radius with no real server load change so the size of the area seems immaterial.

It can also take inputs from an Opfor base if you reverse the inputs you receive that base.  This should reduce the number of enemy AI in a ratio to how many live Opfor players have joined (I have not fully tested this but it should work)

This .grp has 4 levels of difficulty, triggering the next higher level at 4,7, and 10 players.

The input portion of the routine adds and subtracts from counters set to each triggering value.  Five minutes after the first player joins it takes a sample by closing all the output gates then subtracting and then adding 3 simulated players, this will trigger only one on the counters to fire a pulse since they are all three apart from each other.  The counter that fires the pulse triggers one gate to unlock that represents that number of players. 

Then a Pulse is fired at all the output gates and only the active gate will return a reply which is then sent to the appropriate output link.

A few milliseconds later another signal is generated to close all the gates again.

The 1st level of difficulty works differently since Level 1 is always active.  It uses a reverse gate system using a Reset Counter to detect if any of the other three gates are active.  If it receives an input from the Counter the Level 1 gate is deactivated, but if not, it is active.

After being triggered the first time it rechecks every 15 minutes, sending a new pulse to the receiving .grp file.

The output pulse also triggers an optional repeating message in the lower RH corner stating what level of difficulty is active.


Picture is not current version.




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Posted (edited)

Dynamic Target Difficulty Group


This allows this grp to receive the difficulty updates over a single link instead of 4

Dynamic Target DIfficulty (2).zip



This grp works with the Dynamic Variable AI Strength/Difficulty checker posted above to make mission targets scale in difficulty with the number of current players.

This was a bit tricky as once a target has been damaged if the dynamic is set to a high level and the damage counters for the lower levels have already passed their number what happens if the live player count drops to a lower level.  (once a counter has passed it's number it will not send another pulse)

I did not want the mission to suddenly score a target complete when the player level drops due to random fluctuations as people die and respawn possibly triggering a destruction when no one is near the target.

So, this one counts all 4 levels of difficulty all the time as targets are destroyed and the damage counters activate a Completion Timer when they reach their level but do not send a pulse through that timer, that is the job of the difficulty filter circuit.

Every time something is destroyed a pulse is sent towards all 4 completion timers, but that pulse is run through a filter that the difficulty checker portion of the routine turns off and on the outputs so that only one is active at a time corresponding to that level to allow thepulse through.

So If enough buildings have been destroyed to trip Level 1 & 2 but you are currently Level 3 or 4 that destroyed pulse will not get through.  If the level drops down to level 1 or 2 nothing will happen until that target is attacked again and another pulse is generated, and since the filter will now allow the pulse to hit a Completion timer that is now active. the target is marked destroyed.


Picture is not current version.



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Dynamic CAP Patrol Group

Dynamic CAP.zip

This is the latest version of my CAP patrols.

Major changes are that it takes inputs from the Dynamic controller grp to vary the number of AI planes in accordance to the number of human players in game, both up and down.  (Generally every 15 minutes as dictated by the Dynamic Controller grp.

The CAP patrol also uses 1-4 pairs of flights instead of 1-4 individual planes.  The pairs are linked together with Cover commands which I have found to give excellent wingman results.

Each pair of fighters receives its own random waypoint directions from it's own WP control routine but all flights receive new WP orders at the same time from the WP Random time control routine.

There are 18 possible WP's at three different altitudes (1, 2, and 3K meters).

Since each pair is autonomous making different pairs different models of plane works well.

This group only requires a single input from the Dynamic controller. 

They will spawn on the first update from the controller and increase or decrease in number of flights (1-4) as directed. 

Arrange the circular WP ring into any shape you need.

Move the 4 flights to where you want them to spawn (air start) and set the plane and nation.



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