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If any DCS-flyer is interested, Wolfie and I have been TRYING to figure out the F14. Some days are better than others...

Anyhow, I created a mission that I have been running on my rig in Multiplayer (I host the mission, clients put in my IP and join).  I added several common aircraft (FC3, F16, F14, F18 etc), 12 ground targets and 2 air targets (I will likely add more of these, maybe some that fight back...).  There is an AWACS, and 2 tankers.

SRS is also available, but we do most of the comms on Discord (I created my own Discord server).  TS would be easy to incorporate as well. So, let me know if you want to fly a bit on DCS, perhaps we can hook up.

Discord link expires after 7 days or 10 uses


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