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Latest Dev Diary from Jason.  These new clouds are looking pretty awesome, I just grabbed a few pics to post , you can see the rest here, https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/page/8/?tab=comments#comment-1126095




Dear Friends,

In today’s DD we want to show you some screens featuring our new cloud technology and renderer. We have been working on new clouds for a few months and we now have some WIP results we can show you. As you can see, they look more natural and have more variety and are larger than our previous clouds. They also have localized rain showers and react well with the lighting creating a beautiful scene. While other teams out there have more resources than we do to make amazing clouds, our new clouds are the work of just two motivated people on the Sturmovik Team (Sergey and Isay). And soon we’ll be working with community member and friend rowdyb00t who has previously made some cool cloud mods with our current technology. This new cloud technology has great potential and of course it will take some artistic talent to make it look it’s best. They should also offer better visuals with no loss of performance over the current technology, at least that’s what we see in early testing.

We think you’ll like these new clouds and we’ll work to get these to you as soon as we can. The technology is being perfected as we speak and we will begin work on making the new cloud content shortly. Then they will go into testing with release hopefully in a few months.














The Sturmovik Team

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I was flying with a buddy in the new MSFS the other day around his house near Tampa.  We were dodging thunderstorm cells all alround us, and it looked real.  (I've done my share of thundercell dodging in real life.  In fact, I did on the way back from my checkride when I first got my license, because it was about an hour flight to the examiner and summer storms came up out of nowhere after I finished the checkride.)  Anyway, I loved it!  If any of you haven't tried that sim yet, I HIGHLY recommend it.  The most faithful flight dynamics of any sim I've ever tried, including DCS, which is in a close second place for a couple of planes, like the YAK. (I have NO idea how faithful the jet fighter models are, of course.)

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