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FC Albatross campaign

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Unless someone else has something planned my first FC mission is ready to go.  Since the Albatross is 5-1 vs the others in the poll (and after trying it I would switch my vote too), it is is going to be the only player plane for this series.

Since the plane choice is set, if someone wants me to preload their plane in the plane select menu with the Equipment settings they like, their skin, and fuel load just let me know.  (and upload your skin to HSD) (and no you cannot select invulnerability Sandman)

The mission is a basic fighter sweep but their is plenty to do if you want to explore beyond that.  



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I just posted in the other thread about not taking it either.  The greater punch is nice but reloading always happens at the worst times, the speed loss is noticeable (especially vs boom and zoom Se5's) and loss of visibility.

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I save and copy forward the home base airfield info to the next missions so if you want your personal skin and settings preloaded please upload to Haluters and post here what you want your settings to be.

We had some great skins tonight, it would be fun to see everyone in a colorful plane.  (purely optional though)

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Ii tried the mission with the 180 HP Spad and their was not too much difference in performance.  It makes me think the 1C did not tweak their AI attack model for it.  The only difference I really noted was that when they tried to run away they seemed much faster.


I also tweaked the mud ambience mg's not to shoot into the air, so that looks better now.

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A few images from the Sunday night mission: 

Cephas leading the way: 



Diz making sure he's seen: 



One of us (not sure who, default skin?) had a moment of inappropriate touching with the Spad7 going down behind the Alby. But the Alby isn't going far, it's prop is broken and stopped. 



Me firing on an SE5a, getting good hits on the fuselage. 



My wounded SE5a, running away with a lot of fuel leaking out. I never did catch him.



Trying a deflection shot. I missed.


A fine portrait of a Spad7



My Alby, wearing number 9 instead of 19, because our generic numbered skins only went to 10. But the red scarf is me representin' Red Flight! (no, I don't need the skin included in future missions.)



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