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Pumpkin Junction 2021


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Went out Saturday morning to a local pumpkin farm for a little fun with Meghan's daughter. son-in-law and grandkids. Ran into an old grade-school chum also, we joined the Army together back in 1981. Here's a bunch of photos from the day... All by me except the ones with me in them, lol.


Meghan and her grand-babies in the pumpkin patch... From oldest to youngest: Jessica, Hunter (tired of posing by this point, lol) and Ahnika






Through the drainage tile pipes



Jessica looks over the side of the maze



Son-in-law Josh and his daughter Ahnika share a moment in front of the (mostly dried up) sun-flowers.



Meghan and Jessica giving faces to the farmer's wife and friendly ghost



Meghan is all grins with Ahnika 



Some of the pumpkins are bigger than Ahnika (Meghan getting some cell-phone pics with daughter Kylee -with some colorful hair! - looks on and Jessica keeps control of the pumpkin wagon)



Ahnika measures up to over two feet tall! 😄 


Gotta hold the baby! Back at the car with pumpkins loaded and grandkids posing



Me and my classmate Bob.




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