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if you must....

had to hang around the house cause Comcast (tv guy) was coming....

had nothing much else to do so started dicking around in ME.  Was thinking of suggesting to Cephas he put a subtitle in after the first spawn that stayed up for 5 mins.  It would look like this (if it worked..)


So pilots would know when the time was up for re-spawning

Guess I have not used the Monitor side install of my game in a while, cause when I went to test the mission, and started IL2, it told me I had to update.  So, as it was updating, I jumped on the forum to post "Update".  I also jumped on the IL2 forum to see what was in the update.  Was pretty pissed I could not find anything.  Didn't really realize what was going on until I went to update the server, and it did not need an update.

Happy now?


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