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yeah, and I gotta tell you, you pilots who have been hauling the load on this project deserve a ton of praise.  I only did 2 planes, and all I could think about was how much work it was for all the other planes that have gotten onto HSD.

Salute! for all you hard work.  Appreciated!

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On 10/30/2021 at 8:38 PM, WWDarkdiz said:

New Moscow Bf110E2 skins on HSD and in the vault, catalog completed for all active 4K skins (there is a significant amount of skins in our 4K vault that are not on HSD for one reason or another, but at least they are available for download)

Diz, one more Bf110-E2 to look for in a couple of days, will be ID'd as WW-19-Moscow-Bf110E2.

I know that I have a lot of skins in the vault which is where most of them will stay.  A lot of my previous efforts are not up to the levels that I now expect from myself.  Additionally, some models, i.e. FW190-A3's have multiple skins for different flights, summer, autumn, winter etc.  which we don't really need.  I fully intend to go through everything that I have in the vault with a scalpel, sending the culled versions to the archives.  I'll also make sure that the Paint Shed links are updated to reflect the changes I make.

Not enough hours in the day right now so I can't say with any clarity when I'll be able to get this all done, will advise as I move forward.

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I have taken the liberty of creating another folder in the FTP vault, entitled, "Other BOS Sqns" under WWSkins.  You'll never guess what is in there... yes, zip/rar files from other sqns, in their own folders.  I have no intention of adding them to our WW catalog, as they are not WW skins (all of which are available under WWSkins/Wing Walkers 4K).

So far I have all the JG1 and JG51 skins, whatever I can find from these 2 IL-2 BOS units.  Clearly, there are WAY too many to have available 24/7, hence why I put them here, so they can be accessed and downloaded/used as required.

So, if we fly with any of these sqns or individuals from these sqns, WW folks are able to get the appropriate skins from the vault.  Note that these may or may not be on HSD, I can't put them on there as I am not the artist.  Also note that the use of these skins is 100% at the discretion of you, the WW member, their use is not, and never will be, mandatory.

Simply download the appropriate zip/rar, decompress it, put the requisite dds file(s) into .../data/graphics/skins/AIRCRAFTNAME.  You can then delete the zip/rar.  If you find you are getting too many skins, you can delete these, and simply recopy/reinstall them as required (that is what I am going to do).



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