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Intel vs AMD cpu and IL2 ME crashing

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I have been using my old computer while in Idaho and have not had the Mission Editor crash on me yet, nor did it when I was using a laptop back in June.  Both of these systems use an Intel cpu and I am starting to think that perhaps there is something in the AMD cpu registers that cause IL2 ME to crash.

What is the experience of other Mission Editor users?  Does it crash for you if you have an Intel cpu based system?

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ME has been a pain for a long time now...did not always be this way.  I absolutely can not open the tank crew map in me ME.  Just will not happen.

Bout the only thing that MIGHT be what helps me the most is to not run ME full window...I minimize it so it takes up roughly 70% of my desktop.  I find if I move the mouse around quickly...or do some quick zooming out I am much more less to have ME close by itself.  So, just curious...what monitor are you using with your old computer?   Just a guess, but it might be ME has issues with high resolution monitors...but again...just a wild guess.

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I am using a 2k monitor here and of course the laptop was even less, perhaps that may be it as well?  I never run in full screen at home but even windowed on my home machine it is probably close to 3K window size.

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