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Sunday Nov. 28/21

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Our Sunday flying group tends to run a little small.  Last night we had five.   

Our first sortie was doing the recon and identifying where the enemy artillery was located.  As we flew over the recon zone, we got messages as portions were completed and the AAA icons showed up on the map.  There was an enemy airbase nearby so we attacked the airfield after the recon.  Our second sortie was attacking the recently discovered AAA locations.  We managed to destroy those positions and take out the nearby airfield.  Once we destroyed the airfield it became ours as a temporary forward base, shortening our travel time for future sorties.   A friendly convoy started up leading from the front to the enemy city of Lille which required our escort.  Once the escort mission was finished there was one more nearby airfield we attacked.  Just when we thought it was destroyed, three more aircraft managed to take off from the base as our final air battle for the night.

I am sharing all this not as an "after action report", but to show the sophistication of the mission building that Biker is doing these days.  We had a solid two hours of action.  It had a lot of interesting moving parts but it was not over scripted.  Really a great WW1 mission.

All Praise the Mission Builder!!!

Thanks Biker!

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I’m normally there, but was absorbing pucks. This particular Sunday we had the late game, which only happens on average once to twice a month.

I live in envy of our mission builders, I have tried to figure that particular part of our game out with little to no success, so I’m sure glad we have the folks on our sqn who have taken the time to master it.

S! to our mission builders!

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Thanks for the positive vibrations I have had fun with these and with The VS components WWCephas has made available they introduced more possibilities, just checking out his logic in building those groups opened up my brain a bit more......But really thrilled that I can contribute to this the best virtual Squad out there S!

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