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More Planes to try and figure out...


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... F-18 now in my hangar.  Not sure when I will have time to figure her out, what with the A-10C still waiting for some TLC, the Apache on the horizon, and the F-14 needing some front-end presence.  Flew down-town Vegas yesterday in the A-10A (only plane I have properly mapped right now, besides the F-14 RIO seat) since I also got the Nevada map.  Pretty neat, love the "names" on the hotels!

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Pretty sure I have the "Tied for First Place" Ribbon in the Low Altitude category, otherwise known as "Who put that $%&*ing tree there?" or the "Best use of an Aircraft in Lumberjack Mode" Award.

Just found out that the F/A-18 ALSO can be used as an excavator, especially on short final

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