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67438 Mission logs


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I know I have flown a lot of missions in the past year but you got to wonder how many logs a single mission makes to rack up 67000 of these files in a year, Select All/DELETE!


They are kept in the Data folder

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am pretty sure this is where you can turn those off in your startup.cfg.  Other then stats, I see no need to keep them

[KEY = system]
    bin_log_folder = ""
    chatlog = 0
    debug_render = 0
    gamelog = 0
    keep_binary_log = 0
    mission_text_log = 0
    modes = 0
    playoffline = 0
    reset_configs = 0
    reset_effects = 0
    reset_textures = 0
    sdebug = 0
    show_net_skins = 1
    skin_dir = "graphics\Skins\"
    text_log_folder = "logs\txt\"

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23 minutes ago, WWSandMan said:

I was afraid to use a larger number for fear of getting close to the actual number... But I get it. Hell, I'm tinkering with an update to my Camel skin, and bet I've fired up IL-2 half a dozen times so far just to look at the Camel for three seconds, lol. 

Why aren't you using the IL2 BOS Viewer, perhaps you are.  I only fire up IL2 to check a skin when I feel I'm close to being finished with it.

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7 hours ago, WWCephas said:

I wish it was 10-15.  :)

yeah, I know we say it a lot, but we don't say it enough, we really appreciate your mission building efforts.

conceiving and building the mission are usually not the hardest part, it's the friggin testing that comes afterwards that can wear a person down.  

You and Biker have been doing a fantastic job!

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