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Jan 4th Special Event: Kuban Air races.


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This is a rough draft of the event rules, but this is an air race modeled partially off the Reno Air races.  I cut the number of pylons down to two from 10 because running checkzones for 10 pylons would be a nightmare to setup.  I have not started building the map yet so the rules are subject to change if I find I cannot make it work as written.

This is not an air start but a staggered ground start.  I have tried to bias the starting angle to make up for the advantage of whoever is on the left (random) having to go a little farther than those on the right by having a 90° RH turn right after takeoff.  Eight planes lined up as close as the spawn point puts them all going full power at once would be a recipe for disaster.

Be warned the map is set to a hot summer day @25C, so engine temps are another thing to take into consideration.

This is unlimited so do the homework to figure out which plane you think can turn the fastest, loose the least energy in a tight turn, accelerate quickest, or has the highest top speed.  With only two pylons the turns can be extremely sharp but then you will bleed all your airspeed.

I will be posting a practice map soon.

I need your final entry no later than Sunday Jan 2.  I will try to have an early/late war plane list up soon to eliminate confusion but it most likely will be '42 and earlier as early war and '43+ as late war.

Practice Mission for Late War.

GB Novo Air Race.zip

Two AI planes (AI and BI) are waiting for you to fire a flare to begin the count down.  (some planes need open cockpit to fire flare).  When the range officer fires a green flare after 3 white flares you may start.

You must pass to the left of the starting pylon (green smoke on top) and then turn 130 towards the SE #1 pylon.

The circuit is in the CCW direction, so when you pass the Southeast pylon turn left and head for the Northwest #2 pylon and repeat for 6 laps until a winner is called.

You will get notification of when you have cleared the pylon and completed each lap on the bottom of your screen.

WWII plane category list:

Late War

Unlimited choice of single engine, propeller driven aircraft


Early War limited to the following PRE-1943 aircraft

Bf 109 series: G2 and prior

FW Series: A3 and prior


La5s8, not the Fn

Mig3 S24

Lagg 3

Yak 1 series 69

Spitfire Mk Vb, MkIX

Hurricane MKII






Welcome to the Syldavian Royal Air Races 

(In memory of those who fell during the Great Bordurian War)


You can choose from any plane in the game, but there will be an early war and a late war class. We are also adding at least one WWI race and a Can-Am A-20 challenge.

You may fly in multiple classes.  All settings are acceptable including the amount of fuel you choose to load, with the exception of your ordnance loadout, which must be empty. 

Custom, highly visible skins are greatly encouraged.

There can multiples of the same aircraft.

External views are on for spectators, we ask pilots not to use them during the race.

Your plane must be registered (with WWCephas) at least two days before the event with:

Pilot name:

Plane type:

The name of your skin uploaded to HSD. (Or official game skin):




Choose your prequalified personal aircraft from the plane menu and spawn in and standby for the starting signal, your engine will be running.  All planes will be lined up on the runway heading XXX, 90 degrees offset to the left from the first pylon.  A Red flare will be fired by one of the observers when all planes have declared they are ready. 

This will trigger the countdown flares.  Three white flares, three seconds apart and then a green RED flare and a "GO" message centered on everyone's display.  As soon as the green RED flare fires the first plane on the left may start moving. once he has gone a full plane length the next plane may start moving and so forth down the line, All planes depart immediately flying straight towards the SE pylon to enter the course in a CCW direction. If you move before the RED FLARE plane on your left triggers a flare you will be disqualified and receive a message on your screen telling you so, and must exit the racecourse and land after taking off. 


For WWII the pylons are 8 km apart in a NW/SW direction stretching between Gelendzhik bay airfields 2 & 3, for WWI they are 2 kilometers apart circling church steeples on opposite ends of the mouth of the bay..  There is also a start pylon that you must pass to the left of after takeoff before heading SW to Pylon 1.  The Start pylon has green a green smoke generator on top and the.  All races will launch from Glendzhik one airbase taking off directly towards the direction of the SE pylon. The course pylons have red smoke generators.  The race is 6 laps (Can-Am is 4 laps for 64 km) and each lap is 16km for a total of just over 100km total distance for WWII and 24km for WWI.  The pylon judging is automated by software triggers, if you cut a corner short and it does not register you will not get credit for that lap until it is triggered, so you can either loop back immediately or complete an extra lap.  Each plane will generate a text message around the periphery of the base of the screen in different set colors for each plane each time they pass the south pylon or complete a lap at the North pylon so you can verify you completed it (and see how the others are doing)

The game software can detect a winner down to 50 milliseconds and will automatically declare First, Second, and Third place.  (anymore placings than that turns into a mess in the code)





There are two pylons 6 kilometers apart.  You must pass outside each pylon at any altitude, but if you cut inside any pylon, you will be disqualified and must exit the course immediately with a vertical pullup and land your plane.  (You will receive a message). If you suffer an inflight emergency, you must immediately pullup and out of the racecourse and head to the landing zone.  If you crash and are burned to a crisp in a pile of mangled debris, you will be disqualified.

The first person to finish the second pylon on the 6th lap will be the Winner and his name will be displayed for all to see.



An aircraft overtaken must not in any way impede or interfere with a faster overtaking plane. The overtaken pilot must keep the overtaken aircraft in sight at all times during the pass.

Aircraft over taking a slower airplane will not pass between the aircraft and a pylon. It must pass on the outside and be kept in sight at all times during the pass by the overtaking pilot.


OFFICIAL ENTRANTS: (Your choices will be locked on Jan. 2)

Late War Unlimited

1. WWSittingDuck, P38

2. WWSandman, WW2 Late: La-5FN (late)

3. WWGreyWolfe, Spitfire Mk XIV

4. WWDarkDiz, P51D

5. WWCraven Spitfire MKXIV

6. WWCephas, Bf109 K4


Early War Unlimited (Pre '43)

1. WWSittingDuck, Spitfire Mk Vb

 2. WWSandman. Hurricane Mk IIA

3. WWGreyWolfe, Spitfire Mk Vb

4. WWDarkDiz, FW A3

5. WWBiker, I-16

6. WWCephas, I-16


WW I Unlimited

1. WWDarkDiz, SE5a

 2. WWSandman. Spad XIII

3. WWBiker Spad XIII

4. WWSittingDuck, Spad XII

5. WWCephas, Se5a

6. WWCraven  Spad XIII


A-20 Can-Am challenge


1. WWZed

3. WWDarkDiz

5. WWCraven


2. WWSandman

4. WWFrylock

6. WWGeezer



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This looks like waaaaay too much fun! #LovingIt!

I might suggest four races, early and late for each war simulated.

Because there's no way a Pfalz DIII will compete against a Fokker DVIII for a speed trial in the WW1 division. To be honest, I think anyone flying a Spad, early (7) or late (13) is going to win the WW1 division.

The WW2 division needs both early and late, because an I-16 and a P-51 are not going to compete fairly. Yup, I get the tight turns can drop a Mustang real slow, but... Will a real Mustang pilot allow himself to drop below 300mph? 10% fuel and no ammo? My money is on the Mustang. Every.Dang.Time. Especially low (for those of the Mk14 Spit, Tempest, or FW-190D persuasion.) 

But I might be disseminating "fake news" ... In order to secure a hot-shit aircraft someone may not be thinking of. Hmmm.

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Mustang is surprisingly fast I have found so far, figuring out the proper turn radius is the key though for whatever plane you choose.  It should be fun.

I am thinking a fixed single plane selection for WWI unless people want to choose.   Either that or come up with a Class A with the faster late war and Class B mid war planes to choose from for WWI.

I am just not sure right now how many want to compete in each class because if we have 8+ in a race and need to break it into preliminary heats and then a final for each class that will take a lot of time.

The more people and matches that need ot be run also greatly increases the workload unless I give planes Generic names like Player 1,2,3 instead of WWXxxxx

The complex triggers at the pylons need to be programmed to recognize each plane by name for the auto scoring and corner judging to work, it is not just a simple throw down a pylon and fly around it scouts honor scoring system.

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Lol... In case it hasn't been mentioned at least three times tonight... You Rock. 

 My picks (if divisions happen) : 

  • WW1 Division :  Spad 7 (early) ; Spad 13 (late) 
  • WW2 Division: Hurricane MkIIA (early) ;  La-5FN (late) (reserve La-7 if that appears in-game before the match!)


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Thanks to WWCephas for giving us to opportunity to show our skills.   I challenge any other pilots to get in their A-20's (will have their own skins from my paint shop) and show the friendly dominance between the US and Canada

Right now only  Zed (Canadian 88 if you can't figure it out.) has entered but 2 other painted aircraft await these pilots with these numbered aircraft!  

A maximum of 8 A20's can be in the race, so first come, first served.....   If you can't fly the A-20 in a High G turn wwithout ripping its wings off or you are afraid of large  aircraft encroaching on your airspace, you need not apply, go fly those little bicycle things with 1 engine!


Zed racer A20.jpg

Geezer racer A20.jpg

Frylock racer A20.jpg

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The real race you can have any plane you want from that category with a custom skin if you want, I just need to have the info 2 days before the event to program the info into the race mission.  The test was set with fixed planes because to be able to track and score planes automatically it has to be preset.  The scoring routine is looking for the plane name.  If two players had the same name that would be a problem.



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