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Hoping to get a dynamic variable strength AI and mission difficulty routine working

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I couldn't get to sleep easily last night so instead of counting sheep I started thinking about mission building and got the idea to try and create a variable difficulty routine that changes as the number of players does.  Ideally one that works on both sides and interacts with each other.

SO basically if 5Allied players join a map with no opposition and start playing in a Sandbox world like my Holland Map and have enemy AI Axis set to Level 2 strength.

Then if 3 more players Allies the next time the software does a check it recognizes there are more players and increases the Axis AI to level 3.

Then if 5 guys join the Axis side by the next check it will see the imbalance and retire some of the Axis AI and drop them down to Level 1.


Not completely sure all this is possible but I am going to give it a go.


Then I also want to upgrade the AI CAP patrol routine some more.  My latest version on the Holland map is yielding some fantastic interaction I have never seen before.  The enemy AI is tied together with escort links instead of wingman targets.  This makes the Ai flight teams fly much more freely yet still always try to protect their lead and results in some great ambushes and drag and bag action.

The new CAP routine would involve making each flight of planes separate in WP direction, while still patrolling the same area.  There would be 3-4 possible random direction routines each flight could be assigned on spawn (flight # dependent on variable strength routine). They might fly together with another flight or they might select a different WP generator.



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...and done.  I imagined it would take a massive amount of comparator routines checking and rechecking number registers. to hell and back.  Then I got some inspiration and did it with 27 MCU objects easy peasy after several failed attempts.  It cannot track people who drop connections but that does not happen to often and it would take more than three of the to make much of a difference.


Even better news is no more countdown and waiting to spawn.  This system is live as soon as the first person spawns and does an initial sample at 5 minutes but since it is dynamic it checks every fifteen minutes and adjusts the difficulty.  De-spawning is not an issue at all.

The input from Opfor to adjust Al is easily integrated as well already.

I still need to rework the CAP patrol which should be interesting now that I need to add a retire circuit for when the difficulty decreases, but I don't expect that to be too much work.  The variable difficulty objectives will also need to be adapted to be dynamic as well.





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