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MAZE - Sunday Jan 9th


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Hopefully the info here is not over-whelming.  Trying to put it out in enough time to get questions answered, and trying to avoid the first 30 mins or so of the mission explaining things.

Am sure at some point everyone has seen a Maze in a child’s fun book. There is a bunny at the entrance of the Maze, and there is bunny food at the exit of the Maze.  The bunny needs his food, and you have to draw the line thru the Maze that the bunny must travel in order for him to eat.  In this instance, we will not be drawing a line, but will be driving our team’s truck thru the maze by instructing it which way to go.

This  is what a section of the Maze looks like.




Game Play
There is a MAZE set up on the Lapino Map.  There is only one path that will take you from one corner of the maze, thru the maze and out to the other corner of the maze.  There are 2 vehicles at opposite corners of the maze, one team RED vehicle, and one team GREEN vehicle.  The team RED vehicle has the RED CROSS on it.  The path for both teams trucks to get thru the Maze is the same, it's just that one teams truck will be doing the maze in the reverse direction of the other team's truck. 
Each team has a formation of 4 trucks facing cardinal points, N,E,S,W.  There is a flag in front of the N truck to help.  These trucks are not far from the pilots spawn point, (everyone is airstart), and they are not far from the Maze, and are marked by smoke the same color of the team.

Each team should send out a "spotter" Plane to find it's maze truck, and determine which direction that truck must move to enter and move around the maze in order to get to the opposite corner. The spotter will relay that direction (north/south etc.) to team-mates that are flying by their 4 truck formation.  The team-mates should loiter around their Vehicle Formation, till they get orders from their spotter plane, and then shoot and kill the truck that corresponds to the direction the spotter has told them.  If the RED North truck is shot and killed AND the RED MAZE vehicle is able to move North, it will move forward until it gets to a point where it has options, and stop until it is told what to do.

Each team should also send out a plane to 
A: shoot down the other team’s spotter...ie take away their eyes.
B: determine what direction to send the other teams truck to get it going the wrong way, into a dead end part of the maze if at all possible.

Each team then also has to have a plane over the other teams 4 truck formation so as to shoot the vehicle that will get the other teams truck going the wrong way.  Try to avoid just randomly shooting your enemies trucks; you may end up helping them if you are not sure which way you want their truck to go.

Each team should engage and kill any planes from the other team that might be trying to shoot the vehicles in their Vehicle Formation and make their truck go in the wrong direction.

There are only 3 rules to this game.
Pilots will be tempted into trying to get just a few more rounds into a truck before they pull up.  Please try to avoid this temptation.  It will not "ruin" the mission; it will just visually impair it.

Vehicle  movement:
Moving vehicles will continue until:
A: It has been told to reverse
B: It reaches a spot where it can make a change (ie turn right/turn left/continue forward and do not turn right or left), at which point the vehicle will stop until told what to do.

Vehicles moving forward can be told to
A: Continue going in the direction they are going 
B: Reverse direction.
A vehicle in the process of making a 180 turn can be told to reverse direction again.

A vehicle cannot be told to turn right or left until it has stopped.  A stopped vehicle cannot be made to turn right or left if a path to the right or left does not exist.

Pilot Functions
Depending on number of pilots available.
Each team should have at least one friendly spotter.  Their job is to determine the proper path to get thru the maze, and give orders as to which vehicle in the vehicle formation needs to be killed to get the maze vehicle moving thru that path.
Each team should have an enemy spotter. Their job is to determine which  direction(s) will throw the other teams Maze vehicle off course. 
Both spotters should also be trying to shoot down the other teams spotters, as well as protect themselves from the other teams spotters.
Each team should have at least 2 planes loitering over their Vehicle Formation.  These planes will be waiting for orders from the spotters, as well as protecting against enemy planes trying to get their Maze vehicle moving in the wrong direction.
Each team should have at least one plane over the enemies vehicle formation.  Their job is to follow orders from the spotter telling them which of the other teams vehicle to kill, and get that team's Maze vehicle going the wrong way.

Sample Maze



Spawning Screenshot



Vehicle Formation Screenshot



Team Red Maze Truck Screenshot




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Should be as even as possible.

I'm willing to fly allied.  If I can remember how to lock out the upper wing and gunner positions on the 2 seaters, no reason why they can not be in there.  Obviously nothing will be (or should be) carrying bombs.

But no D7f.  That plane gives Axis just too big an advantage imho.  If anyone thinks any other planes should not be in there to keep things even, speak up.

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