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Update 4.702c Available

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Tuesday update 4.702c, 686mb.

4.702c changelist:

P-51B-5: Installing Malcolm Hood canopy results in correct view limits;

The red line with technical inscriptions is left on the left side of P-51B-5 skins only;

The Royal Air Force P-51B-5 paint schemes have a gray-blue Sky Band on the tail section of the fuselage;

The shape of the P-51B-5 filter hatch perforation has been corrected;

Excessive brightness of U.S. identification marks has been corrected on P-51B-5;

The "whistling" sound at high angles of attack has been reduced on P-51B-5 by about 30% compared to P-51D-15;

P-51B, P-51D: overall detail enhancement and lettering redraw (Oyster_KAI);

P-51B-5: jettisoning the (regular) canopy will look correctly from inside;

P-51B-5: gaps between the instruments and the instrument panel removed;

P-51B-5: jettisoning the canopy won't give a wrong technochat message about the tail wheel;

A white throttle lever won't appear on P-51D-15 at certain camera angles;

P-51D-15 spinning propeller image has a correct number of blades;

P-47D-22 and P-47D-27 propellers look better from a "3/4" angle;

Installing bubble canopy on Fw 190 D-9 results in correct view limits;

An excessive visible engine exhaust on Fw 190 D-9 has been fixed;

Fw 190 A-3 and A-5 engine exhaust trail is now visible from the cockpit;

Bf 109 F2, F4, G2, G4, G6, and G-14 engines will correctly restart after stopping in missions where they are running from the start;

Ju 87 D-3 37mm cannons are correctly visible from medium distances;

Bristol F2B altimeter shows correct values;

Havoc over Kuban campaign updated;

Sd.Kfz. 10/5 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun paint schemes have been restored;

Air pressure gauge corrected on Airco D.H.4, Bristols, S.E.5a, Sopwith Camel, Sopwith Dolphin (Oyster_KAI);

Nameplate details enhanced on Sopwith Camel and Dolphin (Oyster_KAI);

P-38/39/40/47: engine primer and gauges detail redraw (Oyster_KAI);

Some visual errors in the distant Velikie Luki map buildings have been corrected;

Projectiles of simple (not detailed) ground vehicles look correctly in multiplayer (with or without tracers);

The appearance of haze at medium and high altitudes when using the terrain display range less than the default 150 km has been corrected;

Restored the visibility of navigational lights (now it is as it was before, but in the future, we plan to reduce it at long range);

Projectile tracers are visible at long range;

AA searchlight beams are visible again;

The clouds pixelization at long range has been reduced for light and medium cloud cover;

Fixed the recent issue with increased game exit time and automatic restart not working when changing game options;

Career mode: the game won't hang at the end of a career or when switching the date to the next year;

Battle of Stalingrad Career mode: minor adjustments to German AI squadrons rebasing dates;

Battle of Stalingrad Career mode: minor adjustments for mission types available for both coalitions;

Minor text edits.

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