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High Alt Bombing

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pure speculation here, but think it's safe to assume when bombers went in for a run, they had plenty of intel and recon info which may or may not have factored into their ingress route heading.

So, if there are targets that are well suited for a High alt level bombing run, would be nice to have as much intel on that target as possible.  Know well before hand what heading to target might maximize the damage.

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I think we have leaned on Frylock's expertice in Gold Flight.  He is able to jump into a mission, take take a look at the map and do his noodling work on the fly.  What the rest of us do is fly in tight formation and when he calls his drop we count off a second and we drop.  This is great for us, but if Fry takes a night off, I know I am personally in trouble.  

I vote for a high alt training night.  I think Fry would be happy to do it sometime.  

Only other comment, if Cephas tells us ahead of time it will be a map like last night and I can get into the mission builder to look at the mission,  happy to do some hi tech recon and post some subtle photos for targets, I enjoy doing that and it helps a bit with the immersion as well.  

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Do not be intimidated by high alt bombing, with just a little familiarity it is pretty easy to locate and set up for a good run.  The trickiest part is if windage is involved, and if you can alt tab in game there is a web page app that will give you the wind values you need to enter quickly and easily.


If High Alt bombing is the major target of a mission I try to get you guys all the info or get someone to do a recon run to post pics in advance, but when bombing targets are a secondary part of a mission it is too much time and effort to do a full briefing.

I am sure Frylock will get all of you up to snuff in short order with very few training missions.

If anyone cannot make training when Frylock is available I can also help you with it and I am available pretty much all the time.  

I have a couple missions I can easily modify to make a training mission with the following assumptions:

No flak or AI fighters.

Choice of all level bombers.

Air start at multiple alts and angles of approach to target.

Moderate wind.

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We need the mosquitoes in order to do pathfinder duties using Oboe.   Perhaps this could be simulated with a large fire set at target, giving a bombing point to allow better aiming from 5000 meters…

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3 minutes ago, WWDarkdiz said:

They had a system (name eludes me for the moment) similar to Oboe that employed 2 beams.  The idea was you flew to the intersection of the 2 beams (beeps on the radio) and dropped

That was a breakthrough advantage for night bombing I believe 

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