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So, that long Russian convoy looks like a great A-10 target ...


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... AmIRight?? 




Don't let the internet feed you too much bullshit. A nearly 50-year old A-10 is not going to do well in a modern, heavily contested environment.

Against insurgents armed with mostly light weapons, sure. Send in the A-10's to clobber'em.  

As the article linked to above mentions in it's closing line: "...while we all love the A-10 Thunderbolt II, she is better off in the asymmetrical global war on terror than she is in this new super-power slugfest in Ukraine... " 

I don't want to believe that line too much. Since the A-10 was designed to equalize the tank numbers between NATO and Warsaw Pact if the Fulda Gap was to become the initial battlefield of WW3, you'd expect it could still hold it's own as far as plinking tanks goes. And that would be true if every third or fourth Russian tank wasn't a ZSU57-2 or 23-4 with AA missiles. 

But if you're looking to get rid of some old inventory, Ukraine would happily take it. 


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The idea is a COORDINATED strike, each weapon system excelling at what it is designed to do. The ZSU-234’s are the same as what would have been around during a Fulda Gap scenario. IMHO, a Hawg would do what it is designed for in this situation, especially with a stand-off capability, and some SEAD. It REALLY depends on what air power is available, and how it is coordinated

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