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Some ones gotta be first......So


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Since I seem to be the only one who can get this game to run well, and find good servers to play on, I might as well be the first to post to this thread. Just some observations and thoughts based on what others have posted.

1) There is coop play available online. You and a group can go head to head against AI Bots. I find it more enjoyable to go against live people rather than Bots. It is surprising how a 5 man team, working together on a 32 player server, can influence the outcome. That 5 man team is only one third of one side but if working together it will dominate the map.

2) The maps are large for a reason. You get to plan your approach and maybe find a new way to go at a problem. If you play on servers that limit players to 8 or 16 this is a problem, however there are many dedicated servers which can smoothly host 30 to 32 players. Further more the Desert Combat mod has a number of maps which feature urban combat with limited vehicle and helos.

3) Lag and immature players are a fact of life in online gaming. While BF42 net code is not the best it is more than adequate for good game play. There have been a number of patches to the game and they have improved some of the early issues with hit detection and net code. The game is a bit of a resource hog, but runs extremely well on my XP2400 with 1 gig of RAM and a GF4 Ti4200. Yes there are some tweaks you need to use, and yes low end machines are going to chug a bit, but that’s true of most games out there at the time of release.

4) Finding a good server is key. There are a lot of servers out there but they are not all created equal. As with any game a dedicated server will give the best performance. Servers with the tougher options, (Friendly fire on, limited icons, etc) tend to attract the better players and be less appealing to the kiddies.

5) It’s a game, not a sim. It should be enjoyable and be a representation of something. I enjoy the Desert Combat mod as the urban maps give me a good feel for what an infantry action in a developed area would be like.

Enough said on my part. I always did march to a different drummer.

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