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My destination this Saturday: Ray Fagen Memorial Airshow

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Of course it posted in reverse order... dammit. So the first images are of the concert stage (Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry fame) and area near there. 

I'll add some info on a few of them, otherwise if you have any questions, post them in the gallery. For the photo guys, exif info for all the photos is there, but all of these have seen at least a little LightRoom attention to correct lighting and other issues. 

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A few of the shots in larger dimensions (the forum actually will take large image files, you just have to be able to upload them fast enough so the forum mechanism doesn't time-out) ... 

The B-25 Mitchell in full OD cammo: 


The P-38 Lightning, head-on (ish): ((there's a lot of 'noise' in this image... I'll see if I can clean that up and re-post))



The Spitfire Mk.IXC:



And for Zed, since "it's not an airshow with a boat", the Consolidated PBY Catalina, wing-tip floats down



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3 hours ago, WWGeezer said:

great shots.....so what speed / f-stop setting gets you spinning props but not fuzzy aircraft ( I have always struggled with that)?


Most of my shots of the moving aircraft were around 1/400 and mostly as wide open as my lens would allow (F4 and down to F5.6 on the long lens; some of the shots I grabbed at F8-F11 though, looking for more depth of field rather than blurry backgrounds.) Still got more blur than I wanted at times, and other times I shot faster but then the props looked stopped. Considering how bright it was that day (strong sun but haze nearby due to the smoke from a grass fire started by the pyro going off) it was a challenge all day to get the lighting right. At times I felt the need to get out the flash; with the blown-out background/sky the subject in the foreground was dark. Just a weird combination of things. But, that's why I make heavy use of Lightroom. 

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