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  • Wing Walker Membership Information

    Welcome to the Wing Walkers (virtual) Squadron's Membership Information page.
    The following information is for those interested in joining the Wing Walkers.
    Please read the information carefully.

    Mission Statement

    The Wing Walkers (virtual) Combat Squadron is made of people from all walks of life, with various levels of computer knowledge and wide ranging personal skills.

    The Wing Walkers were founded in 1992 and have been active in online flight combat sims ever since. How this many people have managed to maintain an online squadron that rarely meets in person for so many years is a testament to, among other things, our membership selection process.

    Our goal is to find people with a similar love of simulated historic aerial combat; a desire to be part of a mature group that is more like family and those looking to enjoy our chosen hobby.

    The Membership Process

    Here's how you should proceed in your quest to become a WW member

    • Decide that becoming a WW is what you want.
    • Look over the software and hardware requirements (listed below)  
    • Register on our forum and post an introduction.
    • Look for WW members flying online, primarily 1C-777 Ltd. IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles.
    • Ask to participate in some public missions and generally make yourself known to us (preferably in a "good" way).
    • Let any WW members you have "met" know of your interest in joining the WW's.
    • Ask a current WW member to Sponsor your membership application, this is a very important step... without a current WW member sponsor, we will not consider you for membership.
    • Once you have secured a sponsor, feel comfortable with the WW members you have met, complete the recruit application form and click “Submit”.
    • Continue meeting up with WW members online, whether flying or simply making yourself at home on our forum. Once you submit your application, it will be discussed privately among the active WW members. This may take some time, during which your sponsor will be in contact with you periodically to let you know the progress of your application.
    • Our process for accepting new members is dependent upon a unanimous decision by all active members. One "No" vote (or "Black Ball") and your application will be denied.
    • Once your application is accepted, there is a further process to undergo before becoming a full WW member. This is a probation period lasting three months from the acceptance of your application. During this time, you may wear the "WW" prefix to your online handle. If there is any reason you feel the WW's are not for you; or any reason the WW's feel you are not a good fit for them, we will ask you to remove the WW from your online handle, and your application will be filed for future reference, should you decide to re-apply.
    • After the three-month probation is successfully completed, you will be a Wing Walker member... for life.


    Some basic rules to know (in no particular order):

    • The Wing Walkers (virtual) Squadron currently flies (plays) the computer combat flight simulation: 1C-777 Ltd. IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles, set during World War II and Flying Circus set during World War I.
    • The Wing Walkers (virtual) Squadron does NOT condone dual squadron memberships within the sims we fly.  If you are currently a member of another online squadron flying Great Battles, we will require that you "retire" from any other squadrons you may belong to.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in an immediate denial of your application.  If already a WW member, your membership shall be revoked in dishonor.
    • The Wing Walkers (virtual) Squadron reserves the right to change the computer simulations we fly at any time.
    • The minimum age of any applicant will be 18 years.
    • The Wing Walkers (virtual) Squadron reserves the right to make additions and edits to these basic rules at any time.

    Sponsorship, Probation and Participation Requirements


    Anyone interested in becoming a Wing Walker member must first convince an active member to sponsor him. Sponsorship involves a one-on-one relationship between the person applying and an active WW member. The reasons for requiring sponsorship:

    • so the applicant has someone to directly ask questions, and expect timely answers from


    • the sponsor will be a direct link from the WW members to the applicant


    After many years of trial and error, the WW's have determined that a three-month probation period for new recruits is necessary. This probation period allows the new recruit time to adjust to the WW ways of doing things and to decide if our -admittedly casual- ways are compatible with the recruit's own expectations. During the probation period, the recruit will have full access to all WW forum areas and training/operational documentation, with the exception of our Recruit discussion area.

    If at any time during the probation period the recruit feels he is not "meshing" well with the rest of the squadron, he may opt out of the entire recruit process, with no hard feelings from any WW member.

    That is also true in reverse: if the WW membership finds reason to believe a probationary recruit is not going to be a good candidate for WW membership, the recruit will be asked to "turn in" his/her "wings". In such a case, the recruit will receive written notice detailing, to the best of our ability, the reason(s) for his dismissal.

    We expect that a recruit receiving such notice will accept that notice without rancor or "feelings of persecution", that is not our intent.


    All WW members are expected to put forth reasonable effort to participate in squadron meetings, training, events and online wars. We are well aware this is a hobby, and any real-life happenings take precedence over our virtual squadron activities.

    That said, it is expected that if any WW member has to be away from squadron activities for an extended time, timely notice will be given of that absence when possible. Recruits in probationary status should make every effort to be available for weekly flight sessions (every Tuesday evening) and any public flight sessions the recruit's sponsor may have lined up.

    Failure to appear or failure to give notice of expected absences would be grounds for dismissal at the end of the probation period, during final recruit application review. We understand there are often situations where one simply does not have time or the ability to send a quick message letting us know that something has come up. Letting us know what has happened as soon as is convenient will certainly help alleviate any doubts we may have about a suddenly absent recruit.

    Anyone not in contact with the squadron for a period of three months will go on the inactive/reserve list.  Any reactivation requests are determined at the staff level, on an individual basis.

    System Requirements


    We have no hard rules regarding the computer hardware you use to run the simulations we fly. If you can run the simulations, then there is no problem.

    There are some suggested hardware components to have, though they are not mandatory:

    • flight control equipment (usually a joystick, and - or throttle and rudder pedals)
    • headphones with a microphone, or at least a microphone (necessary for voice comms via TeamSpeak)


    We have several mandatory software programs that are necessary for squadron operations, game play and communications. They are;

    • The full, legally purchased commercial version of the flight sim software developed and produced by 1C-777 Ltd., Great Battles and/or Flying Circus.
    • TeamSpeak3. TeamSpeak is our voice communication software of choice, and is mandatory for all members to have. Please check with your sponsor for information on setting TS3 up.


    » Forum Registration
    » Recruit Application Form - Fill this form out and press the submit button. This will open your default email program and allow you to send the form results via email to our Recruiting Officer

    Privacy Statement

    We ask for personal information (name, age, email address, etc.) in our Recruit Application Form. The information you provide is held in the strictest confidence, and will not be divulged to persons or groups outside the WWvS without your express permission.

    Recruit Application Forms will remain on file within the WWvS for a minimum of 1 year, with no maximum time limit.


    "Once A Wing Walker, Always A Wing Walker"

    Wing Walkers Recruit Application.docx

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